I forget his name, but

An older (60s) black gentleman was referred to me with a terrible vascular obsctruction in his forearm. It had been that way for weeks before he went to see his PCP. I was shocked to see such a incident and it was already gangrenous from mid forearm and distal. Black, smelly no motion or function. I was forced to do an amputation of his forearm. The surgery went well and he was discharged to be seen by physical therapy as additional followup and to get a prosthesis. The last day I saw him, he came to my office with a big grin and a very happy presence. In the waiting room…he stopped me to see…he pulled out a bag of tobacco, made a cigarette and lit it…all with his newfound prosthesis. It was a hook shape and it separated at the hook to allow him to grasp rather than Hook something. I made a hand rolled cigarette with such ability I was Very impressed. And then, as a fanfare, and he gestured for me to watch carefully, with his hook, he took off his hat by the brim and thru it like a discus to hang on the coat hangar in the corner. Wow. And with that, he thanked me graciously and left….the last time I ever saw him.

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