Easter eggs.

Well, I”m 80 yrs and 6 months and I think I can definitely say that Now I can hide my own Easter eggs. I had to cancel 2 different doctor visits due to non-related illness, sometime in the last 2-3 months. So, I made new appointments and I knew they were coming up. So today, I went to the urologist’s office and when I went in the office girl asked if she could help me. I said I had an appointment here for 7/12 at 2:15. She said there were no doctors there today. She asked my name and put it in the system…then she told me that my appointment was for 8/12 at 2:15. sigh. So I headed for the pain management Drs office. It’s in a large building with two entrances…both with a blue canopy over the walkway. I saw a disabled parking spot right next to the awning covered and grabbed it right away. Getting to the door, there was a large sign…”We have moved”…dang, now what? There was a phone number; I got back in my a/c cool car and called the number. Now, this is in Kingsport…the closest large city about an hour from home. She started to give me directions and I sputtered that I was only familiar with the main road in that area, and asked if she could give me directions…she started again, and I had to repeat my memory loss. Then I asked if she could stay on the line and direct me and she refused as she had patients waiting. So, I started back to not far from the urologist’s office. I found a parking spot fairly close to the main door. I went in, and behold there is a waiting room so big I know it would hold 50 people. I went to the desk and she asked who I was and why was I there. I told her I had an appointment for 2:15 and it was getting close to that time now. She took my info and plugged it into her computer. She told me I was not in their system. Then she told me that I was at an orthopaedic office. I looked at my phone and I see the number for the pain clinic. I called there and asked if they had moved. No, I had apparently gone to the wrong blue awning entrance. I drove back, was only 10 minutes late for my appointment at the RIGHT place. Dang…Hurts me to admit it…but apparently, I CAN hide my own Easter eggs.

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