Have I told you about Gordy?

I think it was in the second year of college at Bucknell, when we had a student on our dorm floor named Gordy.  It was the first ever experience of narcolepsy I had experienced.  When Gordy was out, asleep, he was REally out.  Gordon went by Gordy and he was a friendly sort of sophomore.  He had a problem for sure.  Shortly after the onset of classroom visits, he was not able to make them on time.  He begged us to wake him.  We tried ice, we nudged him, knocked on him…pulled his eyelids open, and rarely would it awaken him.

We discovered (I don’t remember how), that Gordy couldn’t swim and was afraid of water.  With all the previous methods, we found that having him waken without hurting himself was a problem, and splashing his face with water and screamind “Swim Gordy swim”…usually did the job; but his thrashing in bed as his efforts to prevent drowning ended with lots of scratches and usually a bit of blood.  Some took terrible incidents with him and the two that I remember the most…was carrying his bed down two flights of stairs and out into the middle of the quad, (an area which was a square walkway of paths with shortcuts from the angles.)  And he woke up in the quad on his bed, with his pajamas on and almost a foot of snow on the ground.  They did the same style with him somehow waking up on the 50 yard line in the football arena, but with way fewer witnesses.  I lost track of him and still wonder what became of him.

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