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Lake Como Club

What a wonderful experience this was. Of course there was potential for bad but I almost didn’t experience that.  Joining Lake Como Nudist Camp was a wonderful experience for me, and since so few of you would even contemplate this, … Continue reading

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On Death

I was quite young when I saw my first dead person.  A Mr Wurm had a hardware store in the building my grandmother had a beauty shop on the 2nd floor.  His son committed suicide and for some reason my … Continue reading

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Tampa Osteopathic Hospital

Following serious marital discord (my fault), I had pretty much given up on life but Ray Rooney got me to go back to Bay View Hospital for a short interval and then I found a hospital in Tampa Florida that … Continue reading

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On sharks and diving

It was 1970s.  I had moved to Tampa Fla, from Ohio/Penna., and was enjoying my first times in the south.  It was so inexpensive that my first year there, I must have gone to Grand Cayman 6 or 8 times. … Continue reading

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On growth and development of a being.

We all have, in our lives, people with whom we have learned, grown, experienced and become.   It’s only a natural human concept. We experience, by the association, by the teaching, by our observing, and by our own trying efforts. … Continue reading

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