This single image transformed my mind.  Caused a creative rush that I hope doesn’t stop.

So, do you really want to know about me? Where on earth would I start?

Smoke SurferI took this image in total darkness, standing in water almost to my shoulders.  Model is painted with metal powder mixed in baby-oil to give it the sheen.  I threw a smoke bomb just short of the pillar the model is standing on, in the middle of the pond and shot with the on camera strobe firing.  The instant gratification of digital photography which was Very New at this time…hit me in the creative center.  I was in awe.

Now, I don’t enjoy taking “people pix”…portraits and usual snapshots.  I do take them on occasion, but not often.  I prefer the unusual, and if it isn’t unusual or pretty, or scenic or bizarre, I try to make it that way.  Then I was introduced to Photoshop by my son and nephew.  I now am making efforts to see within myself.  Like I always say, “Eccentricity is it’s own reward”!!

IF for some reason, you’re enchanted by my photography, you can find a lot of my images on Pinterest AND on Viewbug.com