This is my first drone video shot with my GoPro.

Shot off Bonair, holding my breath almost through the entire video.

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  1. Kim says:

    fantastic photo events underwater, and beautiful aerial view of home.
    fascinating observations of what you have learned regarding genetic conditions.
    more later.

  2. Jim says:

    Well I saw the drone video. Pretty good for your first try. How long are you going to rest on your laurels ?
    I also saw the “great flounder escape”. The ending was as interesting as the beginning.
    The poor turtle being pursued by the dovey of divers, wasn’t the biggest shock however. The ‘shock’ would be from Henry Mancini when he saw his ‘elephant walk’ music put to the movement of flippers on a turtle. Probably even John Wayne would be a little amazed.
    The trumpet fish could have used a little bit of Herb Alpert and his brass…for backup.
    Aside from my unsolisited critique… I am definitively looking forward to some more, bigger, and bolder videos. ie.,the brass lady & the smoke bomb… would have made a great video (with Mary holding the video camera).
    Patiently waiting,

  3. Dee Murphy says:

    Life is good – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed all it has to offer. We continue to appreciate this wonderful planet with it’s beauty.

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