Self and family

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  1. Bonnie Marga says:

    Dr. Hayes, here I am back in Tampa and I find the hospital I use to with all of you hip Drs and my best friend Becky Lattimer. I haven’t heard from her in years. Just love you all and had super great memories. This was back in the early 70’s. God bless. Bon

    • drbob says:

      Thank you Bonnie. Becky and I have some history so I too, would like to hear from her again. I know she married…a doc whos last name was Hayes. (not me) 😉 Then I recently heard she was divorced. Should I recognize you? My mind is going so sadly it’s frightening. My Dad had Alzheimers and I fear that I do too. Early on, perhaps but the memory thing is really scary. Feel free to fill me in.

    • drbob says:

      Oh lordy. I just NOW found this. How embarrassing. Please find me in e-mail. Were you married to Sam Williams?

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