Lili Taught me how to “do” Facebooks Messenger.

It's just a rerun of some that I have vivid memorys of.  Now at 79, my memory is getting so bad I can barely keep a conversation.  This one is in text so it's easy.

First language is French.  Ok…time for 2 long stories.  When I was a sophmore in collage, there was a French foreign exchange student come to Bucknell.  He roomed about 3 rooms away from me, but we started a wonderful relationship…each of us with a language dictionary.  By the end of that year, I could “get by”, in French.  He was such fun to be around and we had lots of laughs.  He disappeared back to France, Paris, and I lost track of him.  Then Bucknell denied he was there. ??  I never understood that.

Then…I took the required language for Pre-Med.  I chose French for obvious reason…and it comprised`simply of changing a scientific book from French to English…was only about 3 eights of an inch thick.  Silly, but it was a challenge.  Then came the final exam.  I went to the classroom to take the test and it was empty.  So I went to the Profs office and found that the text was given yesterday.  OUCH.  But we were friends and he recognized my mistake so gave me the exam right then and there.  Ha…the test was to answer…in French….a snail goes up a clothesline pole an he goes back down by circling the pole 3 times.  How many times did he cross the slime trail. 🙂  A wonderful experience.

And then…the story of Spanish.

I had the opportunity to go to Ecuador twice about 45 yrs ago.  Now, I am a little suburb type boy from the country…so I’m almost “country”.  When we were little boys, we played cowboys and indians.  Of course our knowledge of Indians was pretty limited.  Hiawatha, Geronimo,Sitting Bull, and Tonto, etc…VERY few indian names. (Oddly, my home was 3 miles from the center of the Seneca nation).  So, we are driving along a mountain road around Quito when we spotted a man with a Huge bundle on his back.  My friend (who got me there), pulled over intent to buy some woolen goods.  Way cool!!  And here I am rapidly thrashing thru an English/Spanish dictionary…when I came to a word on the top right of the page…TONTO.  I never knew ALL THOSE YEARS….that The Lone Ranger, was calling him Dummy!  I was really Shocked!  Still can’t get over it.

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Airplane travel.

On a recent trip to Chicago, we had an unusual experience.  We fly first to Charlotte N Carolina (N?).  Charlotte is a hub for flying.  I couldn't believe how packed it was with an extreme number and lifestyles of the people.  I now am treated as disabled as I would no way be able to walk to the next flight.  There was a Large number of people at the gate, and being disabled I along with Mary, were boarded first.  It was a huge plane with a passenger load of over 200.  I was seated about half way, and about the time there were at least 100 already boarded....a female voice came over the loudspeaker.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found something on the plane that shouldn't be on the plane, so we are going to ask for an emergency evacuation".  Mary switched in a mode I haven't seen and repeated the speaker and was hollering to me to get out of a seat.  I don't move fast anymore and seeing over 100 people rushing to evacuate the plane.  It was chaos for sure.  So, I make it off the plane and I'm sitting in a window seat right next to the plane barely 50 ft from me.  If that plane exploded it take the entire airside with it, and me too.  I had not considered having to change planes and people with continuing flights.  It was pandemonium.  One lady said she saw a piece of metal like a sword with one of the hostesses but that was the only input we got and weren't sure what happened.  After about 45 minutes of a crew of people going thru the plane carefully, we were allowed to get back on and go to Chicago.   Talk about weird.
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Today was voting day and I thank God all the chaos is hopefully over.  I went to the VoTech school where there is a voting arena, and I didn’t really have to stand very long. So I get to the machine and I’m first looking at a window in the monitor with selections of Conservative, Liberal, Independent and one or two others that I can’t remember.  Then there were screens that I can actively identify as well as option on lower right of the screen to go to next page.  Each of the screens with voting options had a yellowish or ivory background.  This last screen had options for voting Clinton, Trump and there was another option all to the left side and in small windows.  The background for this screen was silver metallic grey.  The man on the other side of the hall and directly opposite to me and the machine.  He said “Your Done”…This is the last screen.  This is supposed to be the FIRST screen I see.  I complained not too loudly but asked him who I can complain to.  He sent me to the County Registrar.  So I drove the 3 miles to Jonesville court house, and went to the Registrar.  After another lengthy discussion, she told me there was nothing either of us could do.  Then Rick Callahan, my attorney sent me to Dane Pope, the county Superintendent.  Another lengthy explanation, he said there was nothing he could do.

And so, I am writing this complaint that I did NOT get to vote for the president of my choice.  Especially painful after listening to weeks and weeks and weeks of the babble in the news, not to mention the use of my e-mail without my permission, and my phone number which is on the “no Call” list.

Yes.  I am complaining

R.D. Hayes, D.O.

Eccentricity is its own reward!

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College Joe and his new swimtrunks.

So, it was in my first or second year of college...1955-56?, and Bucknell Univ. had a brand new wonderful swimming pool of Olympic proportions.  I was a lifeguard (for real pay) in the evenings.  It was early on in the serious portion of my swimming life, and a publication that I no longer remember...had an ad for a white, seamless latex rubber swimsuit.  It was among the first few weeks of the new fall season and I was on duty.  Kinda boring up on that stool with a bunch of co-eds in the water.  The pool had both a 1 meter and 3-meter diving board and they were both excellent boards.  So, I came a break time and I whistled all out of the water, and I went up on the 3-meter board.  I did a nice approach, and a nice lift followed by a very nice pike dive and very nicely into the water.  Now, you have to understand these new swim trunks.  They are "pure latex" rubber and white as the newfallen snow.  I entered the water sleek and smooth, and at about the 8 foot depth of the 13 ft deep pool, the suit ballooned like a parachute just catching wind, and I kept going down and OUT of them.  All those students on the surface but not in the water, I had no idea what they could see but I knew what they Might see!!  There I was, eyes wide open trying to see the shite suit against the white tile of the pool wall.  That took a little of my breath, and then finding them, grabbing them and putting them on completely before I breached the surface...yes, that took a bit of breath too.  Of course I survived it and I saw not a single reaction of someone who might have.  Phew, and I could have told that in Mrs. Martins English class.
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Diving deep

My first effort was while I was in Med school in Philly. Was in Phila SeaHorses dive club. We went out to a quarry on a very cold day. Had wet suit on…3/16 in neoprene with NO zippers yet. Cut a hole in the ice. Threw in a tire painted white…then they handed me a rope and told me to go down and tie the rope onto the tire to prove that I had gone to 100 ft. At that time (1959/60) Gloves were Thumb/1finger/3finter neoprene Getting to the bottom was easy. Tying a rope in those mittens and cold….wass Not easy. Then when reaching the surface I went to pull the mouthpiece out to jabber like everyone does after a dive…and couldn’t because the muscles of my mouth were frozen. 🙂 Obviously I survived. Since that dive, I've been under ice a couple times, but the only one I vividly remember was under Ice in salt water.  It was off Cape Cod I think.  Only remember the ice and the sand and absolutely nothing I could see alive.  So, it was not much of a challenge and no good memories other than to say it.
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