3 little critters

Now then a treatise on new friends. When Mary’s Mom was dying, Nikki was very nice to her and Nikki was pregnant. So, when the baby came Mary became his benefactor of a degree. Nikki has a sister close in age Tiffany , but everybody calls her Flossi. (?) Flossie had a baby boy around that time. Her husband is Barry who is an odd type…more later on that. But THEN…the guy that got Nikki pregnant, his name is Garron. Well, Garon got another lady pregnant 5 days later. Garon is being good about the whole thing but it’s a mind trip for sure. Aidyn..Nikkis boy weighs 100 lbs.. Ryder…the half brother weighs about 30 pounds. They all have different personalities and it is a real mind trip every time they[re around. Despite being big, Aidyn is gentle and not the bully type. He loves to eat and get his face messy with food. Weird. Ryder almost always falls asleep at the table which is also weird and a bit worrisome. Evan the 3rd 6yr old of Flossy, Likes to dance and music, but he is withdrawn, eats only specific food, but is always clean and well dressed.
So Last summer, a year ago, Mary put this big swing set with a tower and a slide and climbing wall and the kids love it. We are teaching them to swim and I would guess in a week one or two of them will swim without lifejackets…if it stays warm. Then there are relatives of the kids that Ill get into later.

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3 Responses to 3 little critters

  1. ShimonZ says:

    Well, this is a bit of a puzzle… these new friends. I get the feeling we’re not talking about human beings here, but on the other hand there is some talk of clothing… and who else but a human being would swim with a life jacket? Waiting for new information…

    • drbob says:

      Hi Shimon. When did you write this? I am so sorry that I’m late. I really AM losing touch with reality. I am not accomplished with this program and It surely shows! 3 little critters…3 little boys, all now 6 yrs old and such a treat to encounter. They’re going to be riding kayaks in my pond this summer and I really look forward to that. Now…where did you respond this from? Sigh. I’m sorry Shimon, my mental lapse’ are painful.

  2. drbob says:

    Hi Shimon. I’m not sure you be notified and get this….as in, I don’t know how. Oh yes, they are new friends. First with my wife Mary and Aidyn, and then on up. It is a wonderful experience.

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