Easter eggs.

Well, I”m 80 yrs and 6 months and I think I can definitely say that Now I can hide my own Easter eggs. I had to cancel 2 different doctor visits due to non-related illness, sometime in the last 2-3 months. So, I made new appointments and I knew they were coming up. So today, I went to the urologist’s office and when I went in the office girl asked if she could help me. I said I had an appointment here for 7/12 at 2:15. She said there were no doctors there today. She asked my name and put it in the system…then she told me that my appointment was for 8/12 at 2:15. sigh. So I headed for the pain management Drs office. It’s in a large building with two entrances…both with a blue canopy over the walkway. I saw a disabled parking spot right next to the awning covered and grabbed it right away. Getting to the door, there was a large sign…”We have moved”…dang, now what? There was a phone number; I got back in my a/c cool car and called the number. Now, this is in Kingsport…the closest large city about an hour from home. She started to give me directions and I sputtered that I was only familiar with the main road in that area, and asked if she could give me directions…she started again, and I had to repeat my memory loss. Then I asked if she could stay on the line and direct me and she refused as she had patients waiting. So, I started back to not far from the urologist’s office. I found a parking spot fairly close to the main door. I went in, and behold there is a waiting room so big I know it would hold 50 people. I went to the desk and she asked who I was and why was I there. I told her I had an appointment for 2:15 and it was getting close to that time now. She took my info and plugged it into her computer. She told me I was not in their system. Then she told me that I was at an orthopaedic office. I looked at my phone and I see the number for the pain clinic. I called there and asked if they had moved. No, I had apparently gone to the wrong blue awning entrance. I drove back, was only 10 minutes late for my appointment at the RIGHT place. Dang…Hurts me to admit it…but apparently, I CAN hide my own Easter eggs.

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  1. ShimonZ says:

    Just read this bob, and I loved the way you tell the tale. It’s the common plight of many folks our age, sometimes a little worse and sometimes there’s a good hour that makes it all worth while. This afternoon I thought of a great title for my next blog post: I was recovering from what happened yesterday when tomorrow passed me by… I’m sure you’ll appreciate the title, though not so sure that my regular readers will. Wishing you a very good weekend. If I was in the mood to hand out advice, I’d tell you to avoid doctors all together, and you’d probably get through life just as well… certainly to the same destination… But seeing that one of your purposes is to get some pain medicine, I don’t think that such advice could help anyway. You’re still doing better than me, if you’re able to get around in a car. I gave up the car a couple of years ago. My best to you always.

  2. John Collier says:

    Doc, the whole town of Kingsport is now becoming a hospital. There are very few buildings that don’t house some arcane Doctor’s Office now. It is difficult to go into any building and not find medical staff working away. By the way, you have a very nice website, I am enjoying browsing, still very much to see…thank you. John

    • drbob says:

      Hi John. Yes, and I sure wouldn’t like to be practising medicine in these times. Mary is a Nurse Practitioner works at Urgent Care in Kingsport every other week and it is seriously draining. Again, I apologize, as I’m not getting notified of these comments and I discover this almost by accident.

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