On Ecuador

There is So much more I could write about of this trip to Ecuador.  I may have already (dementia), but now to the main reason I’m typing this.  On the outskirts of Quito, there were a few shops and one had things like antiques as well as daily modern things…such as baskets.  Here is the photo demonstrating the piece that I am ashamed to present.  The shop had articles from everyday life in the jungle.  I got a small clay fired pot and, if you can believe, a blow-gun.  The blow gun came with a bamboo quiver like container with long splinters of bamboo wrapped on one end to allow them to be shot from the gun very accurately.  They would not allow me to buy (tho they had them there) the small coconut shell full of a black paste that was curare, to paralyse the prey.  The wrap material on the bamboo arrows is unusually fine and silky. I did it, so Just imagine me carrying this 5 foot long blowgun to the airport and then carrying it onto the plane where I could place it in a vertical storage space for the trip to the US.  Imagine trying that now, in our present age of terrorism fear. 

Then I saw the item.  It was a leather apron like article with ten brass bells suspended on it.  I asked (with a lot of difficulty in my Spanish) what it was for.  She was obviously embarrassed when she held it up against herself and did a little dance to make the bells ring.  They were very old and very used but very heavy.  She was blushing and I asked her if I could buy just one.  REally Dumb Bob!!  To break up this collection of antiquity because you didn’t think the extra baggage cost on the airlplane would be too much.  I have the Single bell and I have it with a collection of bells that I have used to play Santa ever since that time.

Ceremonial Bells

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