Regarding death

I can never forget….oi…I’ve said THAT a lot too.  Teddy Gruver.  His Dad had a junk yard, and since my Dad did welding and machine shop business I spent some time with him and met Teddy there just before going into 4th grade at a different school than the first 3.    So, you may be able to understand a little of my emotions when I saw Teddy on a Friday at school, but he didn’t come the following Monday.  After being told he died, I was in a curious type of shock.  Something I had never experienced before.  I went to his home and was thanked for coming, and told that he died of appendicitis.  Something else I’d never heard of.  I can’t saw implicitly that it had a relation to my becoming a physician and surgeon but the bell does ring.  He was 10.  I was 9.  Sad.  I’m so happy to be able to treat kids of things that I can cure with a surgery or a cast or even a few sutures.  I could never be a paediatrician and have to deal with death in children. 

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