Fun times

I had been to Fla. many times before this occasion, but with my Chief of surgery there to take the Fla. medical boards with me, I could hardly say no.  It was an intriguing experience of which I could write a few lines.  Ray smoked those little cigars that looked like a long cigarette.  The day I was to leave for my flight back to Pennsylvania I was walking in the yard around his Fla. home.  I discovered a couple anoles and I was quick enough to grab a couple in sequence.  After the first one, with it in my hand…I was looking around for something to keep it in, and to take it back to Chris in Penna.. I found one of the carton things those cigars he smoked and it was just the right size and shape to keep it in safely.  Then I caught another.  I figured that two could easily survive the plane ride in that carton so I added the second one, and put the box inside my suit vest pocket.  Yes,  I wore a suit in those days.  Who on earth decided that style of clothing was appropriate and up to the level of stature and cast?  

So, thru ticketing and thru what in those days was security, and on to the airplane.  I had a window seat in the first row in coach, and there was a youngster about 10-12 sitting next to me.   Take off was nominal and while I was looking out the window, a lizard jumped out and disappeared between me and the wall.  I sat back a bit shocked, and then….the second one jumped out and landed on my hand next to and fully in the gaze of the lad next to me.  He jumped around and screamed “Hey Mom…there’s a lizard on the plane.”!!  Of course I sat there innocently and it was gone in a flash.  We never saw a trace of it afterwards but I wonder if and how many people had such a surprise while flying on that plane.

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