In my youth

As I’ve said, I learned all of the first 3 years of schooling in the first year, because of the one room schoolhouse.  That was as unique as me being the youngest in class all the way to Med school, where there was one person younger than I.  I’d put his name here if I could remember it.  Harvy something.  Dicky Doverspike was my almost constant companion.  We played in the creek (BIG creek), and we hunted and fished and hiked and were Boy Scouts together, tho he dropped out of that.  Then, in school, I was not a team player, and I really didn’t care for football and track and basketball.  Never even heard of soccer, being in the boonies.  But when it came to drawing or choosing sides and players…I was always last in being chosen.  I tolerated it, but yes, it did affect me.  I couldn’t run far as I would have bad cramping pain in my right upper side.  Later they told me it was due to liver filling with blood.  Ok, but it was a hassle.

All I wanted was an education.  I enjoyed learning but it wasn’t all that easy.  I certainly developed a fairly vast memory.  I’ve only read a few books in my time.  The Sleeping Prophet (Edgar Caycee), and some teacher chosen by Sinclair Lewis, and a French  Scientific book…all in college.  Prophet was my choice, tho I don’t know how I came by it back then.  And now I am presently living in an area that Caycee visited.  I recommend that book with a strong urge.

Having taken a dance class forced on me by Mom, I learned at an early age (10-12) about ballet, and tap, and ballroom, and waltz and jitterbug.  That made me popular on Saturday nights when we gathered in the basement of one of the banks for teen dance gathering.  I loved to dance and that made me a bit popular in those years.

I started hunting at an early age too.  Problem is (to me), that I can’t remember the first years, as it was little more than taking a walk, but thru fields and woods rather than on a trail or path.  I shot rabbits and ring-necked pheasant, and squirrels.  I got my first deer when I was 12.  Like I’ve said, I was brought up on wild game meat, and it is true. Because of the economy as well as the local area, small town etc, it was cheaper to eat wild meat than to buy store meat.  Fielt dressing the animals likely had something to do with my education towards being a physician.  And I loved it then as I do now.


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