Another water episode (s)

I am (was) very heavily into water things.  At age 16, I went to a Red Cross week long swimming camp.  First year, get water safety and senior lifeguard certifications.  Next year, get Water Safety Instructor Certification, 3rd year Small Craft Safety certification AND…water ballet.  I had never heard of males doing water ballet, but it sure gave me help on holding my breath.  I can’t remember the number of pupils there were, but like 3 cabins for men and 3 for women and pretty even numbers, and then naturally, contests between all. Like joining the polar bear tribe, getting up at 6 and going to the dock which was on a small lake.  We would sit on the end of the doc and at the whistle we would drop to the bottom on one breath, exhaling thru the entire underwater portion…push off the bottom and be out of the water long enough to inhale a deep breath (in one motion), then a deep pull with the hands and arms to propel us to the bottom to repeat the cycle…and the water was 20 ft deep.  My personal record of breath holding (which really isn’t very good) is 3 1/2 minutes.  In water ballet…we would have two people on the surface with one holding the other with his feet at the jawline of the second, and this process went all the way to a circle with only 2 on the surface at one time, so, grab a big breath, scull like crazy in make the circle move.  Great fun, and Great challenge.  But then there’s Scuba and a whole other aspect of my water experience.

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