zoo near Gate City, Va.

I had a most unusual experience a day ago.  We took Mary’s friends 5 yr old to a zoo.  There are zoos around here in the country that are mostly for the ….can’t think of the proper word…continuation of the health of the species.  In essence breeding programs for a few animals from around the world.  There’s one in Limestone TN, and this one near Gate City Va.  The Limestone one had more spider monkeys than I’ve ever seen  in one place.  Sorry, I can’t remember what all was their breeding program.  There were a bunch of different species of spider monkeys at the Va zoo, and for that same reason.  Of special note was Bactrian Camels, the two hump kind.  Now I’ve seen them before but I can only remember them from TV shows.  They were discussed on an Animal Planet show and it showed a short segment of them breeding.  Talk about weird.  They mate with the female down on the ground with the male in what I can only describe as a dinosaur in action. Really weird. So, I got within 5 feet of a male recently and for the first time heard their sound.  I have Never heard such a sound before.  Low, rumbling, reverberation and Long interval.  Last time I experienced that kind of sound was at the launch of a space shuttle.  Then….he made chirping sounds that were like a bird chirp but loud.  At my age, my ability to localize/locate by sound is lost so it took a while for me to realize it was coming from him.  I MUST go back for that experience.  I called the zoo back today to ask if they were in a breeding program and yes…he had mated with all 3 of the females they have.  About 14 months is the gestation period.  No, they refused to let me be there for delivery photos. sigh Now I wonder how I can get thru.

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