There is a religion…Presbyterian (I’m told), that believe in predestination.  So, if you hear a smattering of that thru your life and get thoughts of “am I here for a reason”, or something of that idea, then you wonder why I was born at this particular segment of time…as time has no boundaries (so far).  Was I born to witness the end of a planet, or to end all life on this planet etc.  NK is psychotic weird and Trump is easily ruffled.  Just NOW…NK has launched another large missile.  I’m sitting right at this moment in time…to see if this is IT.  WOW.  Wonder, if I took pix…someone (maybe even you or me) will see them in the future…or even…the past.  Nope…no weed or drugs on board.

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  1. ShimonZ says:

    Yeah, there are a number of religions that believe in predestination. The Druse are famous for it here in the middle east… I can’t say that such thoughts have ever moved me really. And as for the end of the world, I find it hard to believe that the humans will actually do themselves in so blatantly. But it’s possible…

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