Airplane travel.

On a recent trip to Chicago, we had an unusual experience.  We fly first to Charlotte N Carolina (N?).  Charlotte is a hub for flying.  I couldn’t believe how packed it was with an extreme number and lifestyles of the people.  I now am treated as disabled as I would no way be able to walk to the next flight.  There was a Large number of people at the gate, and being disabled I along with Mary, were boarded first.  It was a huge plane with a passenger load of over 200.  I was seated about half way, and about the time there were at least 100 already boarded….a female voice came over the loudspeaker.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found something on the plane that shouldn’t be on the plane, so we are going to ask for an emergency evacuation”.  Mary switched in a mode I haven’t seen and repeated the speaker and was hollering to me to get out of a seat.  I don’t move fast anymore and seeing over 100 people rushing to evacuate the plane.  It was chaos for sure.  So, I make it off the plane and I’m sitting in a window seat right next to the plane barely 50 ft from me.  If that plane exploded it take the entire airside with it, and me too.  I had not considered having to change planes and people with continuing flights.  It was pandemonium.  One lady said she saw a piece of metal like a sword with one of the hostesses but that was the only input we got and weren’t sure what happened.  After about 45 minutes of a crew of people going thru the plane carefully, we were allowed to get back on and go to Chicago.   Talk about weird.

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