Today was voting day and I thank God all the chaos is hopefully over.  I went to the VoTech school where there is a voting arena, and I didn’t really have to stand very long. So I get to the machine and I’m first looking at a window in the monitor with selections of Conservative, Liberal, Independent and one or two others that I can’t remember.  Then there were screens that I can actively identify as well as option on lower right of the screen to go to next page.  Each of the screens with voting options had a yellowish or ivory background.  This last screen had options for voting Clinton, Trump and there was another option all to the left side and in small windows.  The background for this screen was silver metallic grey.  The man on the other side of the hall and directly opposite to me and the machine.  He said “Your Done”…This is the last screen.  This is supposed to be the FIRST screen I see.  I complained not too loudly but asked him who I can complain to.  He sent me to the County Registrar.  So I drove the 3 miles to Jonesville court house, and went to the Registrar.  After another lengthy discussion, she told me there was nothing either of us could do.  Then Rick Callahan, my attorney sent me to Dane Pope, the county Superintendent.  Another lengthy explanation, he said there was nothing he could do.

And so, I am writing this complaint that I did NOT get to vote for the president of my choice.  Especially painful after listening to weeks and weeks and weeks of the babble in the news, not to mention the use of my e-mail without my permission, and my phone number which is on the “no Call” list.

Yes.  I am complaining

R.D. Hayes, D.O.

Eccentricity is its own reward!

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