College Joe and his new swimtrunks.

So, it was in my first or second year of college…1955-56?, and Bucknell Univ. had a brand new wonderful swimming pool of Olympic proportions.  I was a lifeguard (for real pay) in the evenings.  It was early on in the serious portion of my swimming life, and a publication that I no longer remember…had an ad for a white, seamless latex rubber swimsuit.  It was among the first few weeks of the new fall season and I was on duty.  Kinda boring up on that stool with a bunch of co-eds in the water.  The pool had both a 1 meter and 3-meter diving board and they were both excellent boards.  So, I came a break time and I whistled all out of the water, and I went up on the 3-meter board.  I did a nice approach, and a nice lift followed by a very nice pike dive and very nicely into the water.  Now, you have to understand these new swim trunks.  They are “pure latex” rubber and white as the newfallen snow.  I entered the water sleek and smooth, and at about the 8 foot depth of the 13 ft deep pool, the suit ballooned like a parachute just catching wind, and I kept going down and OUT of them.  All those students on the surface but not in the water, I had no idea what they could see but I knew what they Might see!!  There I was, eyes wide open trying to see the shite suit against the white tile of the pool wall.  That took a little of my breath, and then finding them, grabbing them and putting them on completely before I breached the surface…yes, that took a bit of breath too.  Of course I survived it and I saw not a single reaction of someone who might have.  Phew, and I could have told that in Mrs. Martins English class.

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