Diving deep

My first effort was while I was in Med school in Philly. Was in Phila SeaHorses dive club. We went out to a quarry on a very cold day. Had wet suit on…3/16 in neoprene with NO zippers yet. Cut a hole in the ice. Threw in a tire painted white…then they handed me a rope and told me to go down and tie the rope onto the tire to prove that I had gone to 100 ft. At that time (1959/60) Gloves were Thumb/1finger/3finter neoprene
Getting to the bottom was easy. Tying a rope in those mittens and cold….wass Not easy. Then when reaching the surface I went to pull the mouthpiece out to jabber like everyone does after a dive…and couldn’t because the muscles of my mouth were frozen. 🙂 Obviously I survived.

Since that dive, I’ve been under ice a couple times, but the only one I vividly remember was under Ice in salt water.  It was off Cape Cod I think.  Only remember the ice and the sand and absolutely nothing I could see alive.  So, it was not much of a challenge and no good memories other than to say it.

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