Dogs and excitement in the country

A month or so ago, I thought I had written it up, but can’t find it.  So this may be a repeat, but I hope not.  We have a pickup and use it for various things, like taking out the garbage or taking my 4 wheeler to a trail head.  We frequently put bags of garbage on the front porch and when we have an empty hand or if it gets too much we take it out and put it in the pickup.  When the pickup gets too full, we take it to the dumpster (there is a place about a mile from us where they have a bunch of dumpsters enclosed by a heavy wire fence so the animals etc. can not get into them.  I hate to think of the landfill logistics.

So, as I started, we put the garbage into the pickup.  About a month or so ago, the dogs were barking and barking…it’s a special bark and it comes from the same site.  It was about midnight and I decided I best go get the dogs off what they were harassing.  Usually it’s a raccoon or a possum.  I went out with only the flashlight of my cell phone and went towards the backend of the pickup.  There was a few fragments on the driveway implying something had gotten into it.  So, the dogs were after something that was behind a tree.  Being dark, I couldn’t see.  There was a branch with leaves between me and the tree. I got within 5 feet where I could see a dark object behind that tree.  Stooping down, I realized that from about 3 ft down to the ground, was black hair…about 3 inches long.  The hair went up on the back of my neck and I Very quietly and quickly backed up from the area and then Ran to the house to get my gun.  It was a bear.  A BIG black bear.  When I went back with my gun…it was gone.  Phew.  5 ft from a black bear…totally exposed in the wild.  It’s been back a few times, and we’ve heard it roar and whine a few times after that but haven’t seen it openly.  The dogs can tell when it’s the bear.  They act very strangely.

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