Strange occurrences.

If I don’t get this into print it may go undiscovered.  Today is the third instance of experiencing a very strange odor.   The first time was in thee days after and for some days it was constant and pervasive. It occurred after my right hemicolectomy that included cecum and appendix. It was the middle of the night and I was in so much pain I could barely talk beyond a grunt. Dr. George Testerman said to me, “Well Dr., by my thinking, if we don’t open you in the next 15 minutes, you’re gonna die”. Not much of a choice. So I woke up in ICU some hours later. I don’t even remember how long the surgery was. Then when I was moved to a hospital bed like I had never experienced, the odor started. I’ve never smelled this odor and it was disturbing due to its strength. I tried as hard as I could to locate or determine the cause of this odor, and I sure wish I could describe it. Just not possible I guess. I asked everybody if they smelled it, and a few days later, into the room comes this very dapper young doctor. Joey (is what they called him). He was the internist for the trauma team and I suspect he was Very good at what he did. I asked him if he smelled it….and somehow the question got contorted around to was he wearing a cologne. He asked me if he stunk and I, thinking we were talking about the odor, said yes he stunk. Oh my…what a rift that caused my wife. It was as if I had laid a hurtin on him. 🙂 I apologized, but the damage, apparently, was done. I never saw him again. In the end, I have concluded that the odor is one my brain was making in response to something not in the real world. Logical conclusion.

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