Pain in the pond

We had family company last week. Father and son. Son is 15 and he knows the fish I have in the pond. For years, I have had just carp. They are descended by 2 natural carp and one gold large koi carp. The young don’t look like either parents. So, my son, fishing in the lower pond that has game fish in it…said he would take some bass to the upper pond so that they can eat the carp and get big. GREAT idea….but then, he came in again and said “By the way, I put some Bluegills up there too”. sigh. Bluegills have teeth and make skinny dipping take on a whole new perspective. They will grab a nipple and try to run with it. You get the picture. So, Mary and I and Mike and Nick were there but Nick wouldn’t get into the water because of the bluegills. The 3 of us swam for several hours and never bothered once (which was unusual). So, Mary was on the bank and Mike and Nick had gone inside. I was standing in water up to my waist and had to pee…so I pulled my suit down and DAMN! That little shit bit me right on the head of it! The only bite that day. sigh

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