Childhood memories

I had a fantastic childhood with lots of occurrences and things pretty unique to anybody. This post is only one of them.
So, there we were wading in the stream, in water a bit over our knees. It was the stream that goes thru Limestone just south of Clarion Pa. Was not far from the swim park in Limestone. We were wading and looking for critters and such. Me and Dovey. I think his name was Eugene but his last name was Doverspike, hence the nickname Dovey. I think he was a year younger than me, but i can’t say for sure. We were 8, or 9, maybe 10. And we came to a 55 gallon drum, laying on its side fully covered by water. I looked down and there was this tail of a big fish. Unique enough, but I was country and had read stories of “tickling trout”, so I carefully reached down (my head didn’t quite go under the water, and I literally tickled my way up its belly to just behind the gills and I lifted it out of the water in an unbelievable manner. It was a brown trout, and it was the biggest trout I’d ever seen except for lake trout that I’d seen in pictures. We didn’t have a camera and it didn’t like being out of water tho it really didn’t thrash much, so i put it back in the water and it swam away. I was so pleased with myself actually being able to do that. The next day, Dovie got a ride from New Bethlehem, where we lived, to Limestone, about 10 miles away. He had a pole and reel and he caught that darn trout and got his picture in the local paper. I was jealous, especially since I caught it bare-handed. I wonder if he is alive to read this.

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