A sad and serious problem

I have tried and tried to write this and my mind remains jumbled.  A week or so ago, there was a tragedy in Connecticut.  A young male first killed his mother and then went to an elementary school and killed many very young students and teachers.   How on earth can one delve into this occurrence and make sense of it?  Without question, it should never have happened.  But now, we (they) are looking into the cause and thinking of a cure.  We know there is all manner and degrees of sanity gradient to insanity, but I think this might be in congress with evil.  How does one grade evil?  Terrible total evil ranging to just a tiny bit evil?  Illogical.  Evil is evil.  This needs to be studied as I’m sure it is, but we already admit…it will happen again.  What an horrible frightening thought.  In the USA, it is happening with guns and working at political effects on the 2nd amendment…the right to bear arms.  In China, however, for reasons unknown (to me), it’s usually a male with a sword.  How bizarre!  What study/search would you do to determine a level of insanity and or evil?  Where to start?  What to do once a decision is made?  I think  this is well beyond Andy Warhols 15 minutes of fame!  It’s seems to be infectious.  Carbon Copy?  May I suggest it is a decomposition of civilization?  The problem remains.  The activity must stop.  Removing the guns will not stop it, and that alone might be the downfall of a culture.  I’m deeply saddened and frustrated just in trying to comprehend this problem.

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