Thanksgiving in USA.

I had occasion to ask an acquaintance from USA now living in S. Korea how they celebrate Thanksgiving there.  I do know that it is not celebrated at the same date in Canada but had not thought wide about other areas of the world.  With the computer and internet, the world has become a LOT smaller and now I am wondering.  It is a wonderful holiday if only for the food, but yes, it’s a Lot more than that.  Mary sure knows how to do a Thanksgiving dinner with all the goodies.  We starve ourselves for the day so that we will be able to pig out in the late afternoon.  Crazy eh?

So, I remember a Thanksgiving holiday at my Grand-dad Hayes farm.  We were in the house when Pop Hayes came in and was yelling at Katy…one of my favorite aunts.  She had tied a few geese together.  Now, you may wonder how this is possible, and I wondered too.  She explained (after the yelling) that you tie a piece of fat to a string and feed it to a goose, and then you tie on another piece of fat for the next goose, or wait till the first one has passed and tie a piece of fat to that.  She had several geese tied together and I was amazed at the biology involved.  Like I said, something I had never considered.  Lasting memory.

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