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Well, I’ve had some excitement recently.  Some good and some bad.  Lets start with the bad.  One of my Dads sisters, Millicent Hayes Gould has been in a hospital after a stroke.  I talked to her after the most recent one which was a couple months ago.  Her husband Bill was not well either and had problems with his hip.  They were both in their 80s.  Bill had his hip replaced and was in visiting Mill.  I don’t know the specifics but they both died within 30 minutes of each other.  It’s always a strange happening and probably gratifying to all parties.

Now for the good part of this entry, my youngest daughter, January got married.  A really nice guy, Nick Coventry, who is a professional musician.  He does magic with a violin and I’ve been awed with his ability.  He comes from a musical family.  His mother, Barbara, is a classical violinist.  A sister is a violinist, a brother Chris, is a pianist and an uncle is a pianist.  Just plain wonderful to be in the midst of all that music for the week we were in Tucson.  My son Chris had bought a Very expensive house in Northwest Tucson.  Beautiful house, with lots of land and cacti that he has pruned.  Hummingbirds come to the feeder but didn’t like my presence so no photos of that.  Arizona has a number of hummingbird species while we, in Virginia, have only the Ruby Throat.  Mary and I got to go to the top of Mt. Lemmon and up to the top by chair-lift (for ski season).  Aspen were in their fall colors and beautiful.  Oct 21st was the night of the wedding but it was also the Leonid meteor shower…Chris took us part way up the mountain to a pull-out, parked and took out lawn chairs so we could sit comfortably while watching for meteors.  We saw only 4 and one was worth the trip.  My new camera was predictably stupid and I didn’t get the photo, but if I could just share that scene with mountain peaks surrounding an almost totally clear atmosphere and Orion and Milky Way showing so incredibly bright.  Magical comes to mind.

The men in the wedding wore black suits. (I had to get a new one) and January gave all the men a purple silk tie with Fleur-di-lis in gold on the ties.  All the ladies wore purple dresses, and all of them, January included…wore cowboy boots.  Such fun.  There was a practice session the day before and several parties, each of which had special food and music.  I find January and Nick have such an impressive support group, I was totally comfortable and happy.  Nick’s family are wonderful people and also very supportive.  Of note is that Januarys older sister, Jenni, with whom had no communication for longer than I care to discuss..Jenni, came to the wedding with Nick and Stephanie…blood grandchildren.  The night before we left all my kids, including Kim whom I had adopted in my first marriage, came to a party at Chris’.  I find Kims husband Kevin can carry on a conversation (I almost never heard him speak before this).  And one of their 3 kids, Matthew Price was there.  He’s a wonderful and intelligent man and I’m proud to know him.  He has a brother Ryan who is going for a doctorate in Physics, and a sister, Lindsey, who has 2 little girls.  I am not hurting for family, and I can communicate with each of them.  How could it be more wonderful?  If I could ever figure out how to manage iPhoto, pix may follow.

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