Bill Bass, M.D.

I have known about Dr. Bass for several years and last year I went to Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate TN to hear him speak, and then again last year he spoke at Lee High School in Lee Co. Va..  He is a wonderful speaker and fun to listen to.  In my mind, I feel he is the greatest influence o Forensic Medicine…perhaps ever.  Song Ci, is stated to be the first forensic pathologist.  He died in China, in 1247.  He is the man who originated the “Body Farm”.  Absolutely fantastic new study, investigation, research in Forensic Pathology.  He has joined with an author maybe more than write books and perhaps some fiction, that many people now get to experience.

I will encourage you to read his book (there is more than 1) but I think the first one is simply Body Farm. (this might be inaccurate).  He has “invented” , again my vocabulary fails me, instituted the design of a site in Tennessee for the purpose of studying human (mostly) bodies after death and the different things that happen to them under different conditions.  Bodies usually pauper type but I’m told that some people donate their bodies to the farm, placed in conditions where the resolution back to nature occurs in a way that they can be studied over time.  For example, a body in a car trunk, a body buried at different depths, male, female to study differences, chemical and gas output as well as insect and many other items that help in a forensic study.  You all see it now on TV; CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds and NCIS to name only a few.  It is uncommonly remarkable!  I simply don’t have the words or vocabulary to rejoice over his “invention”.  It’s up there with Curie and Pasteur and Salks in my way of thinking.  I almost regret not being a pathologist to know him better.  As a physician, I can certainly identify with the problems encountered in a death wether natural or unnatural.  He has opened the minds of so many that I wouldn’t bother to count as you will be seeing their work soon.

It started with the police bringing him a body that a road construction dug up, to find the age and cause of death.  If I try to get it right, know I’m bad with memory, but he decided it was a young male in his 30’s and died of a gunshot wound.  And soon found out that it was a body from the Civil War and died over a hundred years ago.  That occurrence led him to design the Body Farm.  I hope that I can visit it someday and see him again.  He is a Rare bird!  I had my photo taken with him and we enjoyed a laugh.  I HIGHLY encourage any and everyone to read about him, go to his lectures and learn about the exciting science he has opened up.

The inventor of The Body Farm

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