Sad day today

I learned today that two close friends have passed away.  I’ve already written about John Fakan PhD and heard from his family that he had passed.  I’m actually happy I’m not the last one he talked to before he died.  I prefer to remember him otherwise.

Gabor Laufer M.D. was an unusual character and he Was a character.  From Budapest Hungary, Gabor came to the USA I believe when the Berlin wall was over.  If that’s wrong, it was something certain about U.S. freedom that urged him to move to the U.S..  He was an Ob-Gyn surgeon and had moved north from Fla., like I had.  He smoked almost non-stop and loved Pink Floyd as I do.  We both played Pink Floyd when we did surgery and on occasion I would assist him in procedures.  It was such fun and lots of people were better for it.  He was a computer geek and bragged about a game for computers that he wrote.  He was a gamer to the point of having a steering wheel and pedals at his computer at home, along with a front projection TV (the first one I ever saw) and surround sound.  He played games online with his ?son-in-law and others.  Once, he had some kind of cardiac event and collapsed during a delivery and I was called to finish the procedure.  He had the largest private hologram collection I’ve ever seen, and he collected phonographic antiques.  He was treated poorly by Lee Co. hospital and left about the same time the hospital folded for a period.  The last I saw him was by Skype in Hungary where he had finally moved back to, and he told me of two consecutive open heart surgeries and more complications.  His wife Kathy found me on Facebook and told me of his demise.  Even after the surgeries, he was smoking those cigarettes that are fake but make smoke and I think…also deliver nicotine.  I was younger than I and I’m sure he didn’t deserve to go so soon.  He had an accent and we talked for hours on end.  He had a sense of humor and loved jokes and puzzles and gadgets.  I could never get used to his dark ringed, deep set eyes.  I will miss him even more now.

I miss him

A close friend has left me.

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