Ted Talks

I have just discovered “Ted Talks”, apparently a series on Sci Channel.  I recall gazing at it some months ago but the subject was boring and after just a few moments, I changed channels.  Today, I note that it is being shown all day, and the first one I saw was unusual and on Sociology.  In college I hated sociology and this lecturer was wonderful and interesting.  Not only did I stay awake, but I watched the next lecturer, a lady, on Molecular Biology.  I suspect most of us have had teachers, instructors, professors that held us in rapture by some magical means, and this is what I’ve been experiencing today.  Wow.  I once feared the Biblical prophecy that at death all knowledge will be given.  Heavens above!!  I don’t want to stop learning!  Creativity is magic.  The ability to learn…is magic.  I wish I could impress this feeling on all the children I meet.  Sure there are enough bad teachers out there to spoil it for us, but if we only tried, it could be changed.

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