Fran Gehring (Mary’s mother)

She’s in her 80s and was to have emergency cholecystectomy today.  Uncommon in every regard.  Charlie her son called me to say that she has primary carcinoma of the gallbladder and that it is heavily metastatic.  So sad.  She had just started to live after her husband “Bud” died a year ago.  I had no idea how Mary would handle me giving her the news but she continued to work in the ER.  I know it will get worse, and pray she can maintain.  So sad.  She is a special lady.

6/7/12   Well, the oncologist met with Fran and family and they gave her the option of death in 3-5 months, or death in 10-11 months with chemotherapy.  Now, how would YOU handle this situation.  She is so stoic it’s almost beyond belief.  Cancer is such a terrible disease.  One wonders how it came about.  Disruption of molecules to cause cells to go haywire.  I’ve often wondered if the cosmic waves that pass thru our body  in huge numbers constantly, hit a molecule in our body and change it in this manner.  It’s certainly logical, but how to prove it?

I remain fascinated by the human body and how our learning curve is so awesome.  Compared to my knowledge base when I graduated Med school in 1963, what is known and being taught now is almost frightening.  I still remain a fan of Jack Kevorkian.

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