Never lower Tillyes pants…

I entered medical school in 1959 and graduated in 1963.  It was the first year of med school that I stopped by the coffee shop across the street from the school and saw a classmate sitting at the counter.  I sat down and he was mumbling to himself, Never Lower Tilleys Pants, Mother Might Come Home.  I’ve capitalized the words for a reason.  I had to ask what the heck he was saying and he replied “a neumonic”.  I had to ask What is a Neumonic!  And he looked at me astounded.  “You don’t know what a neumonic is?”  I had to admit that I did not.  It is the way to remember the carpal bones of the hand.  Well, I had already memorized them so it was a little on deaf ears, but I was shocked that such a thing existed.  And I had survived 4 years of pre-med without knowing such a thing…or even needed them.  So, as I sit here ready to type in the answers, I “Googled” Neumonic and guess what came up.  A bit mind boggling.  There are more than one neumonics for the carpal bones.  How did I ever survive without such things?

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