Pets I have known.

My first dog that I can remember was Wimpy.  I think he was named after a character from the Popeye Comic strips that Dad used to read to us.  He was the dog I had on a rope while I sat on my first skateboard.  I had nailed the front and back end of metal skates that we first had.  The kind that had to have a skate key on a string around your neck for when your shoe fell out of the skate.  I had a long bamboo pole and a hotdog on a string at the end.  We went about 50 feet before I hit a bump and fell, and Wimpy got the hotdog and ran away.  Not long after that I saw Our Gang cartoon at the movies and he had stolen my idea!

The next dog I remember was Midnight…a black cocker spaniel puppy.  Mom and Dad had made a month trip out west and the very day they returned, Middy had been killed by a car and all 3 of us kids were heartbroken.  Hardly a nice return for the folks.

Next was Doc.  A puppy Weimaraner that Doc Wilson had given me from his female dogs litter.  She was such a good hunter and I was sure excited.  He died from ?Parvo just a couple days after we had him.  I was heartbroken.

Next was Ringer.  A “redbone” beagle.  I have no idea what that means but he was white and two colors of “red” and taller than most beagles, and that’s what Dad said he was.  He was an incredible rabbit dog and many friends asked to borrow him to hunt.  I could watch him all day.  On one occasion, I was on one side of a deep hollow and on the other side almost directly across from me and a couple hundred feet away, I could watch both him and the rabbit he chased do their pattern, the well known figure 8.  Not just once but 3 times did he cross and I decided to shoot the rabbit on the 3 rd pass around me.  Dad still won’t tell me and I never knew what happened to him after I went to college.

Next was…Pepper.  when I was 12, Dad brought home a male Dalmation I called Pepper.  He and I bonded so very tightly.  I had to complain he always had to have his head on me in bed when we went to bed.  He would go canoeing with me and jump out and swim for a while and then bark and I’d have to go to shore to let him jump in.  Even in water with large ice floes.  He love the water and would jump off a diving board to get to me and even off the top of the dam down to the lower level, just to swim with me.  He got hit by a truck when I was in college.  It hurt.

While in college at Bucknell,  my wonderful biology professor Roy Tasker PhD, arranged for me to get a spider monkey from one of his former pupils.  Wow.  What a learning experience that was.  Fannie, was a female golden spider monkey with the  4 fingered hands and huge clitoris that most people thought was a penis.  She was a baby and I had All the details and more that one would have with a for real human baby.  Change diapers and feed and exercise and cuddle.  You had to be sure the hole for the tail was tight enough or you ended up with monkey poop all over your arm and shoulder.

At the same time I had Fannie, I had a parakeet, Diffy (as that was the sound he would make for unknown reasons).  Diffy was a challenge too.  You could not leave an open box of toothpix on a table or he would take them one at a time and walk to the edge of whatever he was on and drop it and watch it fall, then go back for another, until the box was empty.  He would sit on a glass and sway front to back until the glass toppled over and then with his head, he would roll it to the edge and watch it fall.  We had to completely change to metal and/or plastic glasses.  We also had to watch how we put toilet paper into the holder.  If the paper rolled out across the top and down, he would fly onto it and while flying would run the paper under his feet till the entire roll was on the floor.  Which brings me to a partial end of this post…I can vividly recall coming home one day, and up the long flight of stairs to our house which was the whole top floor of Dads machine shop.  And here comes Fannie running upright with her funny waddle gait and her tail held high behind her and the end of a roll of toilet paper flying from her tail back to the bathroom, and Diffy trying to get the paper from her tail.  No camera could possibly do that scene justice.

Oh, I have more pets, but that’s another day.

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