Ancient Aliens

There is a tv program series on History channel that I get via satellite.  I am both angered by and enchanted by, it.  Having been to a place that can only imprint into your mind that it is real, you are witnessing it directly and therefore it exists…and it can only have been made by an intelligent being or beings.  My place was Chichen itza in the peninsula of Mexico.  I have also been to The Anasazi cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde in Colorado.  The latter are much more primitive and fairly easily to justify from what little we know of the people that built it.  Chichen itza is a bit more of a struggle as is easily shown on the program I’m discussing.  Just now, they demonstrate that the people who built Chichen itze, were aware of the precession of earth demonstrated in their writing and of their knowledge of astronomy.  This is Many hundreds of years ago.  The precession happens once every 72 yrs, and these people apparently were so knowing of the heavens that they knew of and wrote about it.  When I visited the Pyramid of Kulkulkan, I was definitely in awe of the people building such a massive structure.  When we arrived there by bus, the guide said “we’ll visit the pyramid last, if there’s time”.  Ha.  No Way was I going to miss that.  It was over 100 degrees F, I drank 6-8 bottles of soft drink and didn’t urinate all day!!  But I was alone…all by myself as I climbed to the incredible top of the pyramid.  There was a chain running down the steps so one had something to grab onto if necessary.  The steps were not deep enough to allow a full foot placed on it and were higher than our usual steps at home.  I stood up there and could see out over the jungle for a long distance.  Then, having seen Mel Gibsons movie, Apocalypse (many years after my visit to the pyramid), I can imagine them cutting out the hearts while still beating and throwing the victims down the steps.  It would be easy to fall/slide/bounce all the way to the bottom.  I am unable to comprehend the need to kill and sacrifice and still wonder why.  There was a Lot of ruins and ancient sites in the area.  A large building for astronomy, a ball court, a covered painted wall.  Easy to get frustrated in not being able to read the hieroglyphs.  Thankful that someone did uncover/translate them, and then even more awe at their communication.  There was a wide pathway to a cenote…a well or large hole in the ground, where, on the edge, sat a stone structure said to be the site of execution and the bodies or hearts thrown into the water about 80 feet down.  As I approached the cenote, I noticed a very loud racket of birds and the moment my head was visible over the edge, they became silent and I only got to see a few large parrots as they flew to hide in the crevices.

To this day, I stand in awe of such ancient sites.  And they exist literally all over our planet.  Every continent has more than one such site and many archeologists are trying to uncover the secrets.  I wish I could stick around long enough to hear what they learn.  When you see something that can have no other explanation than it was created by intelligent beings…you are forced to believe your eyes.

And to this day, I am totally baffled by the thought that the builders of the Egyptian pyramids didn’t have pulleys!

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