How to study memory.

Our science is making big leaps in finding how our brain works.  I wish I could keep up with the studies.  I’ve always wondered why we have a loss in our memory at a certain young age. It seems to happen to everybody but I wonder if there aren’t a few who didn’t lose theirs.  What’s the earliest memory you have?  I can remember my youngest sister coming home after she was born.  I would be 4.  Why is that memory “lost”…or is it really lost?  How can we study it and for what gain?  A few years ago, there was a special edition of Scientific American about the brain.  Even before I retired, and possibly fairly learned, I could only make it thru about a third of the studies.  They did a study, showed how that part of the brain worked and so on.  Devising the study would be as intriguing as the outcome in my book.  It’s been a few years now, and so much has been advanced in that arena, I expect a new edition should be coming again soon.

Fascinating.  Many years ago, in Tampa Fla., I was talking to a patient at his bedside and while talking, my attention came to a publication…paper, thin magazine type and though I don’t remember, something on the page made me ask about it.  He said, take it, you might enjoy it.  I was totally taken.  I have subscribed to it for almost 40 yrs now.  Science News is such a marvelous subscription.  It covers all of the sciences (some of which weren’t even sciences at that time) and it never fails to get my attention in one or more of it’s subjects.  Barely a dozen pages thick, but uncommonly informed.  Ever since writing the above about consciousness and memory, I’ve read of a bunch of studies being done and in progress and to be further examined.  Sort of predestined for me to read that.  Only in the past very recent time (weeks, maybe month)…there is an offering of a program that states one can learn a foreign language in 10 days.  Haven’t gotten it yet, but I most definitely will.  The study of language alone is intriguing.  The number of different languages in seemingly small and compact areas, alone, is fascinating.  I can remember my son going to Paris for study and I kept tell him to learn French.  Of course he didn’t but he did get to know that they teach the language French….IN FRENCH.  Ha!  Until one has experienced being alone in an area where obviously people are communicating even in generalities, and you can’t imagine how alone you are because you can’t speak the language.

I’ve experienced my soul being surrounded by children on Bonaire.  They spoke almost zero English and I spoke no Papiemento (sp) or Dutch, or Portuguese, yet we communicated about snakes and fish and the island and school and more for a couple hours.  It was REally special for me.  I never ever enjoyed haggling over the price of something, till I was in Mexico, in Merida, and I got to haggle for something in Spanish.  And I was able to do it.  Pretty minor in language arean, but the act itself was wonderful.

One other experience I had that is remarkable was going thru the countryside after leaving Chichenitza by bus, and we had to stop at a little village along the way.  I saw a man getting his hair cut…outside under a banana tree.  I can’t imagine a better experience in getting a haircut.  In that same village…no electricity…I had a Polaroid camera and they were pretty rare at the time.  There were teenage girls there dressed in everyday clothes that almost appear as a national or traditional dress.  I took a picture and handed them the developing print.  They looked at the blank sheet like what is it or what to do with it.  Then, in Mayan language…they became aware of changes happening on the print and chattered wildly.  They certainly had never experienced this before.  And when the image finally came out to full development…and they realized it was them….I will never forget that experience.

I am still wondering about consciousness and sentience.  Doubt that it will be uncovered in my lifetime, but they sure are working hard at it.  The ability to do MRI studies on the brain and follow paths is surely heading the the right direction. Follow that design and then watch Ancient Aliens and the logical course will follow.

The series on History channes of Ancient Aliens sure brings home how we just do not know much of our past.  I’d recommend everybody to see it, but know forehand that some of the narrators are speaking with forked tongues.  We certainly can not deny the presence of these Very obviously technological sites and entities around our planet, but to give ones own thoughts as gospel, that’s just wrong.  Wish someone would state that at the beginning of each episode.

4/12/12  Just read today that they have brain scan proof of actual function of acupuncture.  Wonderful.  How long has it been around?  I wrote an earlier post of Chapmans reflexes..and here it is with acupuncture.  Wonderful.

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