Christmas 2011


Here I sit, alone but with Gabby my dog and Wilbur, my female African Grey.  I could hardly have life better and I’m still able to dream.  Hard to imagine…I’m seeing my 73rd Christmas…but my Dad…is seeing his 98th!    I’ve told him, that my very best Christmas present ever was the Old Town Canoe he gave me for my 12th Christmas.

Thru the magic of computers…I have pen pals (as it were) all over the world.  I tell everybody I’m on the swing-by of the best grapevine in the world and it’s true.  As I age, I find myself more interested in the weather and being able to predict it with the charts.  I’m also more intrigued by politics.  I HATE it.  There is so much greed and stabbing.  Consider…All of the wars are due to greed and religion.  Love thy neighbor?  Not in this world.  Too many zealots out there…and impossible to tell one from the other.  Soapbox?  You bet.  If love could exist…greed and lust will tear it apart.  My new friend Shimon from Jerusalem has a nice blog and he tries at communicating much better than I.  I think that my getting knowledge…all I ever really wanted from my parents, is my saving grace.  If only I could remember it.  We are taught by religion that when we die, all knowledge will be given us.  Somehow, that’s a bit scary in one way and sad in another.  Not sure I’d like to know EVERYthing.  Learning has been the enjoyment of being human…that and sharing it.  I do have wonderful stories, but I tell them too often and can’t remember who I told what.  sigh  I wonder what the new year will bring.

I forgot earlier that I should have put up a photo for this day.  I had to have help with the lettering and Chris was a lot of help.  It was a good Christmas.  Now looking for New Years Eve.  I even bought a small bottle of Champagne.This was my card for 2010

As you can imagine, playing Santa is very big for me.  It’s just not possible for me to tell you what it feels like.  It is simply wonderful.  I enjoy a great-beard; notice the hyphen.  Yeas ago, I saw a photo of Alexander Bell,  and Thomas Edison and I think the English guy who was a philosopher (can’t remember his name at the moment).  They all had great-beards and the beards were white.  They were in a garden area and they had on white shirts and summer clothes of the south of that time.  The beards attracted me and I wanted to emulate that scene.  I’m glad I did.  I never could have realized the impact it would have on me and others this many years later.  While I’m at it, I’ll put in another image that just makes me feel good as it was my creation.  I have wonderful friends who model for me.

Life is good.  I’ve heard from my kids and grandkids and talked to my 98 yr old Dad today.  It’s been a good Christmas…and Mary is definitely the best cook in the world.

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