On music

I can remember among the first radios that I heard.  My paternal grandparents had a radio and the music that came out of it was awe inspiring.  Naturally it mostly was classical and I don’t recall other than Young Widder Brown sound track that was not necessarily a classic music, but it was quiet and soothing.  At the moment, my aging brain can not recall the sound track of a couple other radio dramas.  Then we get to the background music that was played with cartoons at the movies.  It was all classical music back then, and I grew up with that memory to last a lifetime.  The music today is so sad.  We certainly have a lot of music that is wonderful but in general, the music of today falls way short in context and in the mastery of instruments and the ability in vocals.  I am definitely opposed to what I call rap-crap.  The kids may like it but I sure do not.  It is offensive to my ears.  The ability of musicians seems to be declining as there are very few that are notable.  Sure there are a few who we recognize because of their ability on that instrument, but such a minimal few that it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Society seems to be failing itself, and I can’t help but wonder why.  Frankly, it’s sad.  We seem to be not encouraging music ability.  I know there are music classes and bands in high and sometimes elementary schools.  Colleges have music courses and levels, but in general…the population as a whole seems to be on a downhill slope.  Music is part of us.  Art is food for the soul.  Music is an art as much as painting or sculpting etc.  Why are we failing?

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