Dick Tracy and cartoons

I went to first grade at age 5.  They didn’t have kindergarden or pre-school then and I think I have described that very valuable experience here earlier.  Anyway,  my Dad always read the cartoons to us and explained the..process..the difference between cartoons and other literature.  How the cartoonist had to have something different every day or how it was a daily experience with a plot.  Dick Tracy was a favorite back then and as soon as I learned to read, I read the cartoons by myself.  Dick Tracy was a detective and had on his wrist a watch that was also a tv/camera so that he could talk to others on the police force and see them on his watch.  Just now…I talked to my son and youngest daughter on Facetime, which is a program allowing one with an iPhone, iPad or Mac to talk and see the other person.  It is such an awe inspiring thing, and I know it will become very commonplace in the near future.

I Strongly recommend everyone to understand cartoons and start paying attention to that kind of ability.

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