Have you ever experienced Foxfire?

I was in the boy scouts…a very valuable experience in my view.  I learned so much from Dad, and Penny Panciera, and Lou Perseghetti and others.  Not many people in this world get to experience the joy of starting a fire with flint and steel, and with a rotating stick, using hand or bow.  I know many people watch it on tv and think it’s easy.  Heh.  They will find out if they try.

So we, the boy scout troup (sorry I can’t remember the number), were camping out at Alcola…a local park that held county fairs and had a small group of rides like ferris wheel and swings, and early on, had the only merry-g0-r0und I ever saw that had the ring one catches to get a free ride.  We were in tents that were 4 to 6 boys to a tent (as I recall)..and with me was Howard Bish, Howard Crawford, and Tommy (now David) Young, and Dickey Doverspike.  It had rained earlier in the day and one of the guys was smart enough to suggest we bring some dry wood into the tent in the event it rained again.  Then we would be able to keep the fire going and not have to start another one.  We had gone to sleep in our cots when one of the guys apparently woke up and hollered at us to wake up and Look!  The firewood we had brought in was glowing an awesome light blue color.  Ghostly strange and simply wonderous.  (now I find it odd that I can’t find that word in my computers dictionary).  We ran outside and we could see through the trees maybe several hundred feet, all lit up with foxfire.  An image burned in my mind and no camera.  I think I could capture it if I got to witness it again, but once, just once, certainly imprinted on me.  Foxfire is caused by bioluminescent fungi and organisms in the wood.  I don’t know why it was only there as I’ve camped many many times.  I was probably an early teenager at that time, I’m now 73 and haven’t seen it since.  I have, however, experience bioluminescence underwater, but….that’s another story.

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