On Migraine headaches.

My Mom had migraine headaches and would occasionally have to have the doctor come give her something.  She would be crying in the bedroom but I never was involved and we had to be quiet and leave her alone.  I knew nothing about migraines at the time.  I was in college and age 19 when my first one occurred and what a jolt that was.  For the first time I realized what Mom was experiencing.  They put me in the infirmary over night and gave me a shot that, at the time, was to diagnose if it was a migraine. I can’t remember the drug but it didn’t stop the pain, which finally went away.  I got them on quite distant frequencies then and would know to get quiet and dark.  Then there was a time in med school where they got more severe and that has continued to this day.  They weren’t so frequent then, but for the last bunch of years they are on about a 6 week interval and require a narcotic to abate, else I go thru hell for a day and have gone unconscious while in Tampa, for 3 days.  A neurosurgeon Jim Tyler put me in a barbiturate coma thinking, I guess, a brain tumor or whatever.  I’ve had so damn many scans and x-rays and MRIs on my head.  Being a doctor (back then…before 1990s), it didn’t cost me.  I would estimate the number to be in the many hundred thousand dollars worth.  Now, thank God, I am controlled with a narcotic substitute and even getting that is such a hassle.  Nobody wants to touch it because of so many addicts running around.  Thank heavens I don’t have an addictive type body.  So, the reason for this post…some years ago, they announced that Botox injections were being used, and helping, in the treatment of migraines.  I begged  my neurologist for it but he told me he had to have government approval.  I have no idea what that was about but it’s been now 5 weeks since my Botox injections and I have headaches but, so far, no migraine!  One day his office called me and said they had approval.  I was overjoyed and a bit anxious as to whether it would work and at the same time, curious about what it would be like.  I really expected the injections to be related to the acupuncture points of yin-yang, but instead…it was tiny, tiny (32 gauge needle which I’d never even seen before) small needle, small volume and about 30 points across my forehead, above eyes, nose, ears and down my neck.  He said it was some protocol that was approved by a large group of neurologists.  I had met a lady online who had gotten them and she described the same points.  I STILL would like to know the logic of how it came to be.  I hope it continues to work.  Migraines have been proven to be genetically related, so I suspect gene therapy will be coming down the pike but probably long after I’m gone.

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