My vision and maybe a UFO

I have had a for real vision.  To describe it requires a bit of a preamble.  I was in Tampa, married to Toni and my children had been taken by their Mom to Tucson.  It was a painful but necessary occurrence and one of the problems was that the kids could not change planes at their age, so if I wanted them in Tampa, either I had to go to Atlanta to get them or pay someone to do it for me.   So, the vision…I was coming home from the hospital and walked into the house, the first room on the left was the kitchen.  Just as I entered the kitchen, there like a projection in mid air in front of me was this scene that almost took my breath away.  I could see thru it but it was so plainly visible that I was dumbstruck.  The scene had a yellow/gold cast to it as if it were a sunset, it was a scene of a wide street with somewhat Gothic buildings along the side and at the end a building like a library or museum.  There were horse and buggys and some few people, I think there was a guy in a top hat and trees, some were the tall skinny like Italian cypress.  This many years later…I have difficulty recalling the scene accurately but back then, wow…it was impressive.  It lasted maybe 5-10 seconds then faded.  I found Toni in a back room and I was probably crazy exited telling her about it.   Weeks later, we decided to drive to Atlanta to get the kids.  It was about a 5 hr drive and we were all excited to see the kids and get them.  On the way back from Atlanta, we happened to see a sign directing to the Steven Foster memorial and museum.  Tired of driving I thought we might enjoy it and we drove in.  There were nice gardens and ponds and a tower like in old English times with the museum inside.  We went in and around the walls were music oriented antiques and things that Steven Foster had done or written etc.  Pictures and instruments and Playbills of his music.  In the center of the room were about 15-20 steel folding chairs like I’ve seen many of in schools, all facing a movie screen about 4X6 ft in size, and in front of that was one of those projectors that is used for teaching.  It has a loop of 35mm film like with slides but in a continuous small loop and there was sound with the program as the loop would click from one “slide” to the next.  We sat down in the front row to watch it as it told the story of Steven Foster.  Suddenly, there on the screen…projected by this machine…was the scene I had witnessed in my kitchen weeks ago.  Toni and I both recognized it at the same time.  Wow.  Goosebumps galore!  Steven Foster had gone to Athens University in Alabama and that was precisely the scene I had experienced.  Unless my next paragraph is not a vision, then this is the only one I’ve ever had….so far.

I was maybe 12-13 and we were out coon hunting at night somewhere in Pennsylvania.  I was alone at the time, following the call of the dogs and was on a spoil pile from a abandoned strip job….very common in the area where I was from.  I was high above the Mahoning creek and the dogs had obviously crossed it.   I could hear their bays far across the valley but I also heard an odd hum.  Cyclic like two engines barely out of sync and very low both in volume and in register.  I looked up…it was a very clear night and I could easily see the Milky Way but I noticed something else.  It was like I was looking thru glass but could not see the glass.  Instead, I could see where the glass ended…I could see a warping effect of the stars.  It was at least 500 ft above me and hard to measure size but I’d estimate it to be at least 100 ft or more long, and it was elliptical maybe 40-50 in the middle.  I could see what might be the edges of it all around but nothing solid.  I watched it for about 5 minutes then it slowly went up and away from me.  This was around the time of Project Blue Book and I was afraid to tell anyone knowing they wouldn’t believe me.  I have no idea what I saw.

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