Beautiful wonderful Fantasia!

Recall that I grew up at the time movies changed from silent to talkies….well…I saw One where there was a piano player down in front of the screen and the movie was silent.  But, shortly following in yrs, all the cartoons had classical music background and it really was enchanting.  I don’t really close my eyes and see cartoons when I listen to classical music but I seriously do enjoy it cartoons or no.  Then came the movie Fantasia and I was bewitched.  To date (I’m presently 73) I must have seen Fantasia over 30 times.  I even have it on DVD tho I haven’t watched it here at home.  I feel somehow I should have children around me when I watch it with them.  (not related to the story I’m about to tell)!  I was in Tampa at the time and with a group of friends we palled around with frequently.  They had called me and asked if I’d like to go with them to see Fantasia.  Naturally I did, and I met them at their house in South Tampa.  While we were waiting for the group to get all there, I was offered some iced grape Kool-aide.  We sat around talking and finally started to go to the theater.  Bob was driving and I suddenly was aware that we were definitely not taking a direct route to the theater.  The theater was probably 5 or 6 miles from our starting point and by the time we arrived (on time for the theater by the way), I know he must have driven 15 miles.  Looking back, I wonder how he even got there at all.  I began having strange sensations during the trip and everybody was laughing and giggling and sometime around then I was told that the Kool-aide had been enriched with psychedelic mushrooms.  I knew they were commonly found in the farm areas north of Tampa but to this day I have never seen one (but wish I did).  We were held in the large lobby waiting for the previous showing to let out and I was cautioned not to allow myself to be alone.  Seemed odd to me.  I do recall feeling unusually sweaty and tense.  Then the theater opened and we went to our seats.  Our gang took up a fairly large section…we were in 3 car loads.   I noticed there was a lot of laughter and giggling through-out the theater.  The movie started and I swear…tho I’d seen it many many times before, it was like seeing it for the first time.  Like being there when it was imagined by Walt himself in vivid color.  Enchanting.  Having had the experience of ice forming directly in front of my eyes, I felt Walt must have had the same experience by the way he made this scene.  Some time during the movie…I had to go to the toilet.  I’d been to this theater dozens of times but this time, the architecture got my attention.  To enter the bathroom, one had to go to a grey door.  Entering a small square room about 10 ft on a side with a grey door in the middle of each wall, one of which was the door through which I had just entered.  I turned around…not knowing for sure which door went into the bathroom and it got funny, but I was lucky and the first door I tried was the right one.  I was alone on the wall of urinals…they seemed to go on to infinity.  I started to urinate and a rainbow came out.  Then I KNEW I was hallucinating.  It was indeed wonderful and fascinating.  I wish I had not been so analytical about it.  My scientific mind kind of ruined the effect, but I made it back to the group and we watched the movie to the end.  The ostrich ballerinas and the hippos brought the whole audience to resounding laughter.  It was wonderful.  I never had the opportunity to try mushrooms again.  Maybe someday in my old age.  I read some of Carlos Castanedas work and could imagine the experiences he had.  I really do not believe these chemicals have been adequately studied, but the fact that they do have some relationship with mysticism surely makes any such study difficult.  We don’t have shamans in the scientific world (that I’m aware of).

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