I didn’t know how to label this one.  Years ago circi 1975 there was a movie “Escape to Witch Mountain”, which was about an evil man searching for children with special powers.  He found them but they were able to escape because they were “aliens” from another planet.  This was followed by one, maybe two more movies about them but more importantly…this year 2011 a video series “Alphas” came on the scene.  It’s about people with special powers.  The most important thing is, that they ask people who “think” they have special powers to go to and take the test to see if they actually Do have special powers.  Consider this…what better way to actually find people with special powers!?  We are all aware of special people, mostly autistic, that are like Rainman, in the movie of the same name.  I wonder what started this search and what it might lead to.

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