And so here I sit, trapped in my own little world.

Paradise.  Almost as I imagined it might be, but I didn’t plan on the age thing and how a body can change over the years.  So many years I spent standing in the OR looking into a patient, and now my spine is reverberating with all it’s might.  I fractured my right big toe, proximal phalanx tripping over the yellow labs when they were puppies and I foolishly allowed it to heal without taking an x-ray to note the mal-position.  So I now walk with a limp and walking is less and less fun.  Then this strange malady that I know I have but have no idea what it is…so I call it chronic fatigue syndrome.  That I can pass a cardiac stress test both running and nuclear scan, yet have difficulty climbing a flight of stairs tells me something is wrong.  It’s frustrating but I’m aging as gracefully as I know how.  My son Chris has helped me get my house set up with surround sound like in a large theater, with front projected television on to a 6X8 foot screen.  It’s almost magical sitting here with my iMac on my right which can swing in front of me,  wireless keyboard. iPad, iPod, iPhone after the urging of Chris and nephews Charles and Dan.  Other than having my food delivered directly to me, I can hardly want for entertainment.  A little intimacy would be nice.

4/23/12  I think I have stated earlier (somewhere here in blog posts) how I came to be in Pennington Gap Va.  If not, hope someone tells me so.  I was looking with the help of headhunters, all over the USA for a place that felt comfortable and enough to  survive on, both Mary and me, and the critters.   I am not sure that I mentioned Kanab Utah.  A headhunter arranged for me to go there and I flew to Las Vegas and rented a car to drive to Kanab.  It was a small town that is a jump-off site for all the big national parks, like Grand Canyon, Brice Canyon, Zion Canyon, Arches, and more.  I visited with the board of the hospital, which was small and very few docs.  They wanted (repeatedly) me to bring my wife and spend a week or 2 there to get a feel for the area.  She was working and I couldn’t do that.  They brought up the presence of Mormons repeatedly and enough to rouse my curiosity.  They asked that I specifically Not visit a small town nearby whose name I have long forgotten, but in my travelling around I experienced a large van with one man dressed like our Amish and several women about his age, along with a fairly large group of children…all in this one large van.  The women and children were all dressed similar to our Amish and I immediately put it all together.  And now it is coming to present thought because Mitt Romney is running for president and everybody is curious about polygamy.  Justifiably so.  The people in Utah that I met, gave every sign of accepting it under the covers (sic).  And we’re not supposed to mix politics and religion.  Yeah, right.

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