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What a wonderful experience this was. Of course there was potential for bad but I almost didn’t experience that.  Joining Lake Como Nudist Camp was a wonderful experience for me, and since so few of you would even contemplate this, I’ll tell you more.  Growing up in Pennsylvania we often went skinny dipping.  On occasion it was simply the only intelligent thing to do.  It was hot and we didn’t have bathing suits so we doffed our clothes and in we went.  There was nothing sexual about it, but it was a little unique and usually more fun…daring.   So, it happened that I was married to Toni at the time and a friend of hers pulled up her skirt to show no tan lines and told us about the nudist camp.  It was just north of Tampa in Lutz Fla., about half an hour drive from my home and office and more important, the hospitals I worked at.  We decided to go try it out having been given the details by her friend.  We drove to Lutz and turned on to a side road to go to the camp.  Immediately we encountered a tall green solid tin fence like in all the cartoons you ever see of nudist camps.  That was funny.  At the end of the fence, we made a sharp left turn and immediately encountered a naked lady who appeared to be in her 50s or 60s.  She nicely welcomed us and told us where we could park and the first trip was free.  We drove to the sand beach, (there is also a grass beach) and parked under the big Australian pine trees.  I had a van and we sat there a bit bemused and bewildered at the same time.  We decided to undress in the van, then taking our towels, we walked to the beach where there were about 20 people in various groups across the beach which was maybe 200 ft wide.  We walked into the water up to our shoulders and then took a sigh of relief.  We noticed immediately that not a soul was looking at us.  The water was fresh and light coffee or dark tea in color due to the tannin in the water from surrounding swamplands.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we went to our towels and lay face down again being a bit timid.  Soon it was time to turn over and let the sun hit the rest of us.   Ah…I can’t recall ever being that relaxed in such a short period.  Someone walked by and said hi to us and welcomed us to the club and told us where things were, like showers, and snack bar, and rest rooms and sauna, a huge hot tub and nature trail and the grass beach where you could sun bathe and not get sand all over you.  The whole of the populated area was maybe 300 yards long, the rest being either nature trail along the lake or swamp, or trailers where people either visited or actually lived in.  We took a walk and passed quite a number of couples and small groups either sitting and conversing or just taking in the sun.  There was a group playing volley-ball….almost constantly.  I also noticed a number of children on both beaches playing like all children but naked and beautiful.  Very few people at the camp smoked.  Throughout, there were people of all ages.  That part was striking.  There were pretty people young and old, and there were people that were (to me as a physician) oddly unattractive.  One old guy with only one leg, the other missing from mid thigh down, with white hair and a pair of crutches laying beside his lounge chair.  We fell in love with the place, the quietness, the serenity, and the friendliness of the people.  It wasn’t long till we went there every weekend.

Now, I won’t say that sex doesn’t happen at a nudist camp…but it’s no different than any other vacation spot.  It’s in private and beyond viewing eyes.  No…the secret to a nudist is in life, love and health.  You become a much better conversationalist because when you talk to someone…you look them in the eyes.  Sure, you can say, You’re beautiful, I want to make it with you, but you’d likely get slapped an helped out the front door.  Actually…sooner or later I’ll explain…I was kicked out of Lake Como Club.  Like I said, later. 🙂

You can swim, water-ski, paint, read, float, sun, play ping-pong…damn he was good that Bill guy.  You can even get married there.  And they have church services on Sundays.  Once a year they have a big party and have contests between members and between other clubs.  Body-painting contests are great fun.  Another tongue-in-cheek one is wet t-shirt contests.  What better way to make fun of clothing?  The girls you have seen and maybe know or maybe just talked to…put on t-shirts, they get sprayed and everybody laughs.  Of course a lingerie show is a wonderful experience, but you must remember that they won’t all be young good looking (?) ladies.  Some will be in there 70s or even later.

One of my favorite stories of Lake Como happened towards the end of my experience there. (I did move to Virginia after all)  One late spring when it is just getting decent to spend time at the lake (Como), I noticed a newcomer.  He was an elderly man with above shoulders but long grey hair, always tied with a headband make of hooked rug stuff.  Looked like 2 rows of hooked rug.  He was well tanned and had obviously been there for some time but this was the first I saw him.  He was always pushing a girls bicycle with a basket in the front.  I would see him time after time and now it’s time for me to explain the sauna for logical reasons.

A sauna is a wonderful experience.  Lake Como had one…an old wooden shack with a wooden door that swung shut with a snap by the spring attached, like an old screen door.  It had a single window about 3 ft square that looked out over the volleyball court.  It had a wooden floor with an aisle down the middle to the window on the opposite end from the door.   The aisle was about 6 ft wide and then up from the aisle on each side were 3 tiers of wooden bench…well worn…(read no splinters), that went back from the aisle leaving one plenty of room to sit.  It was tight so as there would be no escape of heat which was provided by a stove under the window that had stones in it and one could put a dipper of water onto the stones to add a bit of humidity so as not to burn the nostrils of your nose.  It did get hot.  I had been in a sauna but only briefly, but I came to love the experience…only gradually.  It is not possible to do quickly….you literally have to work the body up to a tolerance, and not all have the same tolerance.  I learned the hard way…I went right to the top row…burned my nostrils and had to leave in a few quick minutes.  The next time I started at the bottom and gradually worked my way up, but could only tolerate it for short intervals.  I came to learn that one had to meditate to get serious about it.  So I meditated and one day (many weeks from the first time) I was on the top tier and felt funny…I took my pulse and discovered it to be about 180 or more.  I had to readjust my meditation.  This took some doing but soon I was able to do quite long periods and loved it.  I won’t go into the health implications of sauna but it is good.  Now then, you might go into the sauna alone, or with your significant other, or a friend or more.  You might sit alone, or sit and converse..between each other or across the aisle.  It may be totally silent, or it may be a swamp of conversations, or even one conversation entailing the group….oh, did I forget to tell you…it held 36 people?  Almost always, the tier selection showed itself.  Amusingly, children would burst thru the door, not knowing what to expect…take a seat for a minute and then ask “Is this fun?” and scamper out the door, slamming as they left.  It was the center of the camp to my mind.  Most athletic types played volleyball and that would be their center, but in the realm of communication…the sauna was it

One nice day, the sauna was almost full when in comes this old guy that I started talking about with the braided rug head band.  I had not seen him in the sauna before and that likely due to my own schedule of being at the camp and/or at the sauna.  The top seat diagonally across from me totally opposite end and top tier (I show my pride)…was empty and I was a bit dumbstruck when he took that top seat. Like I said, it was not a place for beginners.  The group was a low hum of communications between couples or small groups and it would get silent every once in a while as we contemplated life or whatever.  Suddenly, the old man began to sing.  It wasn’t really a bad voice for an elderly man (I guessed in his 70s) and singing was pretty uncommon in the sauna.  Humming on occasion but really uncommon for anyone to sing.  I recognized it easily as a German drinking song….all 4 verses!  Then another…an Italian opera song…fairly long or extensive; then another I recognized French but not the song…in total, he sang 5 songs in 5 different languages to the applause of the group when he finally finished.  I later learned he was a retired English professor, who was living there.  He was 95 yrs old and proof read text books to keep sharp.  His daughter would visit him on occasion to check on him and deliver his needs.  It was an incredible, awe inspiring, experience.  I never got to know him, and I regret that.

Speaking of weddings there, Como is a clothing optional club.  Meaning you can be nude or wear clothes.  I’m sure there are a number who come to see what it’s like and can’t take the discomfort of being naked in front of others…I know only one. 😉  But it’s common to see both clothed and unclothed people just usually not often.  One beautiful day, I was by myself at the grass beach and there were a few other members around.  I fell asleep, and in that don’t wake me area of sleep we all love where we are dreaming but awake…lucid dreaming…I was aware of mumbling of people.  It took me a while to force myself full awake and here I am, surrounded by a rather large crowd of dressed people…all coming to a wedding at the clubhouse, and me…the only naked person in sight.  I dare anybody to try that on for size.  I can still giggle at that sensation.  I often wonder what they said….and thought.  I have the Hayes curse of not being overly endowed. sigh

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