I have stood near the Minotaur

I had taken Chris and Jenni with me to Grand Cayman Island with the intent of escaping the probable judgement that would give them to their mother. I was bonded so closely with them that I was almost insane. It was a God given vacation/release of emotions.   Chris was about 8 and Jenni 5.   We went driving on the south shore of Grand Cayman and looking at the ocean, when suddenly there was a huge burst of water looking like spray going vertically into the air down by the rocky shoreline.  We got out of the car and were immediately surprised when a deep bellowing sound came from where the spray had burst up out.  We got closer and the sound got louder and frankly frightening.  The sea in ebbing back and forth would cause water to enter a tunnel under the ironstone and ahead of it, a large volume of air.  The air vibrated causing the sound that can only be compared to the deep bellowing of a minotaur.  I now know why it exists in Greek mythology and how it came to be.

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