And she didn’t even name him Bob.

I had finished surgery and rounds and was headed towards the ER door when this guy came hysterically busting thru the door screaming for help.  He had picked up this lady who was on the ground nearby the hospital and pulled her into the back seat.  She was a well dressed young black woman looking late 20s early 30s, in a light green pantsuit…and it was soaked in blood.  She was very obviously very pregnant and was unconscious.  I carried her the 50 ft to the ER and put her on a stretcher.  She had a weak pulse and almost no blood pressure.  David Folkerth D.O., the anesthesiologist was still in the building.  I said it had to happen now and it had to happen fast.  We rolled her into surgery and I stepped into a surgical gown with my street clothes still on, pulled on a pair of gloves while the OR crew cut her clothes away.  Someone put a mask on me while I prepped the abdomen.  David couldn’t get a pulse but was able to get an IV line in and get a blood sample.  She was unconscious so no need for anesthesia to be solid at the moment of incision…to which there was no reaction.  I think I made 3 swipes with the scalpel and had the baby out.  Quickly clamped the cord, got the blood samples and passed him (the baby) to David.  He shook his head, but gave it full attention.  I was busy controlling bleeding which was actually minimal due to the blood pressure, but quickly got the uterus cleaned of placenta and products and then closed.  About the time I had the fascia closed I heard the baby cry.  Then David said the blood pressure was responding to fluids and we were able to start transfusion.  Soon all was as it should be and I was above the earth looking exhausted, relieved, drained and exuberant all at the same time.  Mom went home in a few days with her new baby.  Prolific thanks to all concerned.  But she didn’t name him Bob. 🙂  They don’t always turn out so well.

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