On Survival training.

Jack Wilson and I would go camping on occasion and one day we decided we would canoe up the creek and catch bull frogs to have a nice meal of frog legs for the evening before we turned in.  We finally go to where we were going to camp and though we had caught a bunch of frogs along the way, we felt we didn’t have enough.  So we put the legs we had into a pot and put it in the nice cold stream near the tent and headed out with flashlights in the canoe to catch some more.  When we felt we had enough, we headed back and started the fire.  It was then that we discovered a raccoon had raided our pot of legs and all we had was the few that we caught in the post raid.  A good survivalist will always have an extra bunch of hot dogs, just in case.

We had an outside deck on our house which was literally the top floor of the building Dads garage was.  Hmm that does sound odd.  Anyway, it was tiled and we rarely used it to picnic or party.  I do remember a bunch of Dads friends listening to Joe Lewis fight there one summer.  It had pipe railing on the two long sides of a rectangle with the house and a “playhouse” for the girls on the other ends.  Our house was like a large apartment that had a 3 flight stairstep straight up.  Well, I was given a jungle hammock and decided I’d learn to set it up and sleep in it. A jungle hammock has a roof and mosquito net siding on it.  Very nice for summer camping.  Now if you’ve Ever slept in a hammock, you know it isn’t all that easy in a sleeping bag and takes a few days to get a real nights sleep.  So, I had slept in it all summer and one weekend, the boy scouts were going on an outing.  The guys put up a tent but I took my canoe and went about 75 ft across a little water inlet, and up a slope to two trees that were the right size for my jungle hammock.  Dad was real pissy about me not being “one of the boys” but I planned on sleeping and adamantly put my hammock up.  We had supper and sat around the campfire for a while and it was time for me to go to bed.  With Dad griping and giving me grief  I kept my cool and went across the way to my hammock.  I arranged the sleeping bag and crawled in.  I got nice and snug and in a few minutes was either asleep or well on my way when I heard a loud Creeeeeeek.  It lasted about 2 seconds.  I waited to hear more.  Nothing.  Now where was I…and then CREEEEEK.  3 seconds.  I sat up wondering what kind of animal was outside my hammock when it went CREEEEEEEKKKKKCRASH and the one tree I had hitched my hammock to, fell down across me.  I wasn’t hurt but it sure was funny.  Spotlights and screaming people across the water with Bob are you alright.  I could only giggle at my stupidity at tying up to a dead tree and not noticing it.

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