On being fortunate

I had, what I feel, was the very best roommate ever in college. I went to Bucknell University in Lewisburg Penna. A small ivy league school in a small town that was uncommonly friendly. My first roommate doesn’t even deserve mention other than to say he was pre-med but was a smoker who enjoyed the privilege of beer every weekend and more. It didn’t take long for me to bow out and thankfully the Dean of Men, found me John Hentosh. He did not drink, did not smoke and was a very good model for me, despite my terrible psycho antics. John even went to the bother, more than once, of signing me up for the required classes for the upcoming semester, thereby keeping me from having to stand in a Long line of hours. So much appreciated, and I never felt I could thank him enough. In fact, I was probably a real thorn to him. John was one of the more intelligent people I ever met, tho, until now, if he reads this, I never told him so. After the first year, which we spent in a college dorm, that wasn’t too terribly bad, even tho the clock in the tower on top of the dorm actually struck 13 on occasion, John found us housing in a private home that took in college students. I think there were 6 of us in that house but I can’t remember as we rarely saw the other students. It was very quiet and well kept. The bathroom had a claw-foot tub with a suspended circle above the tub where the shower curtain folded around you when you showered. That was unique. The home owners were very kind to us. I once took a young pigeon from it’s nest, and the man showed me that I had to feed the poor thing direct from my mouth using powdered baby food. That pigeon bonded with me, and I wish I had the photo of it actually landing on my shoulder when I was water skiing. John became an M.D. pediatrician after we graduated Bucknell and I’d almost expect him to be world famous. We had such good times; he probably had trouble with my coarseness and I had to deal with his religious feelings that were at that time, quite foreign to me.

I spoke to John on Valentines Day 2011 and had not spoken to him in 50 yrs.  He became an M.D. pediatrician and I became a D.O. trauma surgeon.  It was, to me, not unusual to part so drastically.  My life went thru major changes…more than once or twice and our paths were certainly different.  But in the post review we did…we became more human and more soul.  It was 2-3 hrs of wonderful conversation.  I even learned a new word “paraprosdokian”, yeah, I had to look it up too, and John is an expert at it.  I still envy his intellect.  We will definitely talk again.

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